Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Jeans February!

Hey everyone! My friend is doing No Jeans February and I thought it would be a good chance for me to join in and attempt to break away from my daily t-shirt+jeans routine! Also doing it for someone who doesn't like jeans... For you I boycott jeans for 1 month! ♥ :)

I totally wish I had the nifty slideshow thing that Tumblr has.. Or an LJ cut. (LOL too many blogging sites!) Alas, I will just post pics hereee. I started on the 1st so here's my backlog from then. Sorry I took all these by myself using a mirror! I wiiiish I had a photog to follow me around all day and take pics for me, hah.

Ahh, you all see my weirdo face for the first time...*hides*

Feb. 1st - cheating a bit using cloth pants..

Feb 2nd - Wearing my zipper leggings! I need more long shirts for this..

Feb 3rd - Finally trying more! Traveling outfit to fly home in. :)

Feb 4th - Super lazy outfit for doing homework at home...

Feb 5th - Fighting date outfit ;) Hehe, just wanted to wear my boots again!

Good luck to everyone else who is also doing this!

Oh, and today/yesterday....I spontaneously ordered a Nars Orgasm nail polish from eBay..... Random splurging, augh! I'm really excited to get it though! $12.99 with shipping instead of $17 from Sephora (pre-shipping, geez!). I need to not buy any more nail polish, my goodness. I have 3 hauls coming in this week........ Lots of posting to do!


  1. Girl you look fab! Wish I could pull off leggings, heh. (makes me look stumpy unless I wear heels, and wearing heels on campus = death)

  2. Thankss ♥ I would suggest wearing leggings with flats so more of your feet show and it almost gives the impression you're wearing heels. Or just thicker, shorter heels, because those are soo easy to walk around in. :)