Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 11-16

As promised, a picture of the truffles I made for Valentine's day. :) My first time making these... I really want to find a better recipe next time! The one in the back is coated with chocolate shell and then drizzled with melted butterscotch ♥

Day 11. I was sad because I was so tired! So much work lately...

I skipped pictures for day 12-13 because I pretty much wore the same thing: long sleeve shirt + high school gym shorts. Lazy weekend coding marathon outfit, haha.

Day 14. Tried a little harder todayy.

Day 15. Yay boots! I almost forgot about these...

Day 16. Really, really, didn't feel like dressing up because I'm feeling super sick, but I had to look presentable for my first day at work..
Nice outerwear + flats save me every time!

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  1. we should make cake balls together, it's easier than making actual truffles, but they taste just as good =)