Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream

I decided to do a review of the Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream I have for my friend instead of just describing to her in short what I thought about the BB cream. This way I can share with everyone too. :)

- SPF 35 / PA ++
- Whitening (will eventually whiten your skin if you wear it daily/often enough)

The tube is a pretty good size. It's 50 ml, but you only need just a pea-sized amount or less each time for good coverage, so it seems like it will last for a long time.

There is no overwhelming smell. The smell is very light, and very bearable. It is unnoticeable unless you really are looking for the smell of the BB cream from the tube or on your hands when applying. In my opinion, the smell is even lighter than most skincare products! It's nice.

The coverage is very good. I only spread a light layer of the BB cream over my face and it already gave me the results I wanted. If I wanted a complete full coverage, I could have used more BB cream, but it would also likely take longer to oxidize. (I learned the hard way that BB creams need time to oxidize. If you don't give the BB cream some time to oxidize, it will not match your skin tone at all and will be usually too light for your skin!) With this coverage, the BB cream still doesn't really cover up my dark panda eye circles, but that's okay... I have really dark eye circles from lack of sleep, haha. The BB cream did, however, cover up almost everything else.

Before and after applying the Dr. Jart BB cream. Before is on the left, with all my noticeable blemishes and red spots circled. That was taken immediately after washing my face with cleanser and applying a moisturizer with SPF. After is on the right, where almost everything is covered up, yay! You can even see that my beauty marks or whatever are also slightly faded thanks to the BB cream.

Just a pic to show just how nice and even the BB cream made my skin! I don't even mind showing the full size pic because everything is so well covered. :) I even look healthier in this pic, haha!

Overall - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ - Easy to dispense from the tube, no scent, good coverage, feels light, doesn't take long or need tools to apply (I just used my fingers), not oily, only complaint is that it takes 1-2 times to get used to how much product to dispense and learn how long it takes for the BB cream to oxidize properly -> wasted product!

I will definitely be using this BB cream more as well in the future!

Thanks for reading! ♥


  1. omg, that it's like you went from looking chinese to looking korean XD. the only thing i'm worried about with bb cream is that i think it might make be break out cuz it's it oil free. but it's because it has oil in it that it applys well and covers well. I'm trying out my friend's right now but it's not very white and it's missha brand.

  2. haha! ohh I forgot to mention that the Dr. Jart BB cream is one of the least oily of all BB cream brands (alongside Missha). :) I heard Missha brand is pretty good too.

    Someone did a blotting paper test on various brands here:

  3. your so cute > 3 < and also, love Dr. Jart+ silver label bb cream~! <3

  4. Ahh Onika I just saw your message! Thank you ;w; Yay for Dr. Jart!