Friday, January 14, 2011

November-December Hauls!

There are a LOT of hauls I didn't post yet, kind of because I wanted to swatch them all first...but I thought, ehh why not? Or else I'll probably never get around to it, haha.

Firstly, $58 of Sephora by O.P.I.! 'Cept I only paid $43 for it...yay Beauty Insider!

I got (left->right) Leaf Him at the Altar, Mermaid to Order, Flurry Up Topcoat, Strengthener, and the 2010 Holiday Mini Collection (consisting of Dear Diary, Still Shopping!, Looks Like Rain Dear, Sample Sale, Teal We Meet Again, and Just a Little Dangerous).
Working on swatching these still! My favorites are Mermaid to Order and Teal We Meet Again. :)

I went to the Stila Warehouse sale in LA also and got an eyeshadow in Jade and a Stila smudge pot in Pomegranate. The eyeshadow just came in the pan; the single case for it was bought from Sephora later on.

And my Sephora haul from that day! Kat Von D's Autograph liner in Call Girl and the Stila single refillable eyeshadow pan compact.
Finallyyy, my November Sephora haul!
Benefit's High Beam To Go, an YSL Radiant Touch that was accidentally mailed to me(?), Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer, Stila Make an Impression in Moscow Travel Palette, and some free samples (including a Bare Escentuals brush and mineral veil!).

Can't wait to try/review/swatch all of these~
There's actually a little bit more too from drugstore and another Sephora haul, ehehe.


  1. omg the Stila travel palettes! I think those are the cutest things ever. <33

  2. I think so too. I'm in love with the Moscow one! Totally worth my $10.