Wednesday, December 8, 2010

XXI Love & Beauty Nail Polish Swatch - Gold

I went to Hollywood/Highland today and, even though I walked in with the intention of buying some form of clothing, I walked out of Forever 21 with a bottle of nail polish and a nail jewels set to bling out my nails. I thought I would swatch the nail polish. :) It's a very nice orange color that doesn't stand out too much because the actual color is so light. I was most attracted to the sparkles in the polish. This is 2 coats with no base or top coat.

To rate this color... (kind of making this up..maybe I'll have a better scale for the future if I decide to swatch more varnishes)

Color - 3/5 - Soft and pretty, but not as vibrant as it looks in the bottle even with 2 coats. Maybe 3-4 would do the trick.
Formula - 2/5 - Thin enough to apply easily and quickly, but not thick enough for a good color.
Smoothness - 1/5 - I can feel every bump from the glitter. They will probably chip off easily.
Price - 5/5 - Can't go wrong for price with a fairly large/average size bottle for $2.80!

Overall - 3/5 - It's a nice color, but not one that I love and would wear all the time. Bumpiness is weird for me since I prefer very smooth polishes.

I'll post my recent Sephora hauls soon too~ Look forward to 3 hauls coming up, haha! Just today I bought $40 worth of purely O.P.I. Oh me oh my.

What is your favorite Love & Beauty varnish color?

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