Monday, November 22, 2010

Makeup collection

After staying up for almost 72 hours, I decided to lose more sleep and take pictures of all my makeup stuff. Yay 48-hour Social App Hackathon~ I'm really happy about it though; my team won 1st place with our edu-tainment game, which can be found at :) Please check it out when you have the chance~!

This was last weekend, so it's a little outdated since I bought more makeup since then (my poor wallet...) but I'll blog about the new stuff later. :)

I'm really new to the formatting might be kind of odd. Maybe I'll mess around with the HTML later, haha.


Color Contacts/Circle Lenses

Nail Polishes

False Lashes


Pencil Eyeliners

Liquid Eyeliners (and 1 Creme Liner)

Lip Glosses



Shimmer Powders




Powder foundation/pressed powder

Liquid Foundations

I have way too much makeup....that I don't use.. :( Sad thing is...this is just what's at college with me. There's more at home... Maybe I'll do another post when I'm home for winter break. I wish I had a train case or something to put all of this in though... Any suggestions?

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