Friday, November 19, 2010

E.L.F. Brushes

First review! I might as well while my brushes are still here and next to me drying after I've used Sephora's Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner on them. I got the 2 oz. Daily Cleaner To Go sometime last year for $6 and it's been great! I don't use my brushes too often, so the "daily" is kind of a lie for me, but so far after over half a year, I've only used up half of the spray bottle. It's super convenient too because it's a spray.

On to brushes!

Almost all my brushes are the ones from the E.L.F. Studio 11-piece brush set. To the left is what they look like in their pouch/case.

I love the Studio line brushes because they're cheap but soft and sturdy. They don't shed at all, unlike the E.L.F. Professional line total face brush that I have. They are also really gentle on the skin, unlike the E.L.F. Professional line concealer brush that I've tried. The $2 extra for Studio line makes a huge difference.

As much as I love how handy and cool this set is though, I really only use about half of the brushes in it (bolded). The set comes with a
  • complexion brush
  • fan brush
  • concealer brush
  • small smudge brush
  • angled foundation brush
  • powder brush
  • small precision brush
  • small angled brush
  • eyeshadow "c" brush
  • blush brush
  • and contour brush.
In my opinion, the 5 that I use are really the only ones I need for cosplay.
  • I use the complexion brush for pressed powder for lightly finishing off my look (because this drugstore princess is too cheap for HD finishing powder, haha), and the rest of the brushes for their name-implied use.
  • I find that the eyeshadow "c" brush is good for everything eyeshadow-related for me; I don't need the other eyeshadow brushes.
  • I use the blush brush both for blush for female characters and for contouring using a darker shadow for crossplaying male characters.
  • Although, I suppose the small angled brush would be good for cream/gel liners and as a lip brush. Personally, I don't use cream/gel liners or have a need for a lip brush, so I hardly get to use that brush.
  • As for powder foundation, I actually prefer the design of the E.L.F. Professional line total face brush to the Studio powder brush.
  • So if you don't cosplay and are going for exclusively Studio line, you could probably switch out the blush brush for the powder brush.

Studio on the left, Professional on the right.

Overall, I would say to wait until E.L.F. has one of their many 50% off Studio sales, and nab this set for $15! It's such a great deal. If you really can't wait, the original price of $30 is pretty worth it too, considering how much other brands cost. Each brush on its own is $3, so with the set you are getting an extra brush and the pouch/case for free.

If you just want one brush out of the entire E.L.F. Studio line, I would say the eyeshadow "c" brush is a must-get! It really works for everything for applying and blending eyeshadow so you definitely won't regret shelling out the $3!

tl;dr Studio brushes are pretty awesome, especially the eyeshadow "c" brush. Just sayin'.

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