Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello world!

Hi everyone. :)

First post, finally! I suppose I should introduce myself! My name is Kio and I am a sophomore at USC majoring in Computer Science (Games). Yeah, it's a pretty awesome major. I am just getting more into fashion, makeup, and the like. I used to be a huge tomboy. I still am a little bit, but shhh. ;) What else...oh, yes! I love to cosplay, so a lot of my entries might be about cosplay makeup, color contact/circle lenses, and wig care/styling as well~ It's kind of hard to talk about myself, haha. I would love to talk to you all, whoever is out there!

The name is "Drugstore Princess" because I like having nice, shiny things.....however I am but a poor college student, so I get almost all my things at various drugstores for $5 or less. (Usually only $1-2 to be as frugal as possible!) I hope my drugstore adventures will be able to help anyone else like me who can't afford to buy MAC or other more-expensive brands. I do get many free sample things from Lancome or Estee Lauder when my mom buys her cleansers and they come with free gift packs, but those make up almost all of my higher-end products. I also like to get the free foundation samples from the cosmetics counters at Macys. :)

I created this beauty blog to help me keep track of all the random things about fashion, beauty, health, and fitness in my life. I hope some things I write about will help you too someday ♥

Thanks for reading~!

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