Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rinoa Heartilly Makeup [Michelle Phan, I challenge you!]

Do I look like her, even a little bit? Haha~

Gah, holding my bangs up because they're getting too long!

Admittedly, I do watch Michelle Phan's videos and actually do learn some useful tips and tricks from her. However, I cannot say I am a fan of her "cosplay" makeup tutorials/videos. Especially her Hatsune Miku video...dear god that was a lower lash disaster.

So, I have decided to challenge her most recent FFVIII Rinoa makeup look with my own! I tried to follow Rinoa's official artwork and CG from as closely as possible. Perhaps that is something Michelle did not do? My biggest tip, and what I live by, for cosplay is to always, always do cosplay makeup while looking at a reference of the character!!

Unlike Michelle, I do not have a Rinoa cosplay I can just pull out of my closet, so I had to make do pretending my hair could somewhat look like Rinoa's... The second picture is the closest I could get it. |D

Closeup of the eye makeup. :]

Oh dear, I have not been taking care of my eyebrows as I should..

And finally, the makeup that I used!'s the Dolly Wink eyeliner I got from Shari! ;)

Urban Decay Vegan palette Half-baked, Smog
Maybelline Fit Me! powder foundation in shade 325
Loreal Hip in Shady
bareMinerals eyebrow powder in medium brown
Sephora eyeshadow in aspen summit N°23
Smashbox highlight/cheek color in Golden Blossom
Wet 'n Wild H2O Proof pencil liner in black
NYX pencil liner in black
Dolly Wink liquid liner
Eye Charm double eyelid tape
Makoto-ltd brand eyelash glue
awesomely cheap eBay fake lashes

How successful do you think I was? Do you guys want a step-by-step tutorial? Leave me a comment! ♥

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  1. Her Rinoa makeup look doesn't even looke like Rinoa tbh. smh