Friday, March 16, 2012

February Hauls ♫

Near the end of February, I received 2 purchases from elf and the Urban Decay sale on Hautelook! Let's take a look~

From elf: studio retractable lip brush, liquid eyeliner in stardust, nail polish in nude, individual false lashes, studio complexion perfection/tone correcting powder compact, blending eye brush, and studio eyebrow treat & tame in ash.

Nail polish in Nude. After this, I definitely need even more nude laquers, haha.

I love how the eyelash glue comes in a bottle now instead of a tube! I wonder if it'll be easy to use, though.

Stardust looks awesome. Can't wait to layer it over all my liners.

Eyebrow Treat & Tame in Ash. Hopefully this will help my brow hairs match the filled in color as well as lighten them for when I do gyaru makeup, although it looks a bit dark in the tube...

Cheap, awesome mattifying and color-correcting powder compact for $3?! I'm down.

I love this! Great new studio brush. It's so handy and I think I'll be keeping this in my purse from now on since the cap will keep any product from getting onto the contents of my purse too. :)

I'm glad the bristles of the Essential line has gotten softer! But, this brush is pretty much the exact same as the Studio Contour brush. So I can't really get much use from it since I have the 15-piece Studio set. Maybe it'll go into a future giveaway. ;)

And finally.....

Urban Decay Urban Lash Kit!! At $10 a box, it was an absolute steal. It's still on sale at UD's website, so get it while you can! I have so many fake lashes but have never really used mascara on them since I like to keep them clean.. but I'm so excited to try the mascara with fake lashes! I still can't believe it was only $10. The mascara is $18 normally, the 24/7 pencil is apparently a travel-size so....I dunno...$6.40 ($32 for a set of 5 travel-size haha), and the lashes are normally $15. So seriously, that's a $39.40 value packed into a now-$10 set. I don't understand the business logic behind this but I'm not complaining lol! ♥

Stay tuned for another haul from Too Faced Vintage sale coming up~ x) 
I'm such a shopaholic when it comes to makeup....
'Till next time, lovelies!

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